Early Indications…the greens wintered well!

The greens look beautiful!. What a great way to start out the golf season.

It’s always tough when the turf doesn’t come through the winter looking awesome. Members are watching the first major of the season, The Masters, and want their golf course to look and perform like Augusta National. We have been very fortunate over the years and we certainly are again this year. The grounds crew will clean off all the larger debris with blowers, then brush the greens in two directions to get the turf standing upright and then finally follow along with a couple mowers to remove excess growth and roll the turf out smooth. We will have a pretty darn nice putting surface right from the first day we open! Height of cut will be up about

15 thousands of an inch higher than normal to promote rooting prior to charging the irrigation system. Our “every day” height of cut is .115 of an inch. To put this in easier to understand terms two dimes stacked on top one another would be .125 of and inch! I will post further information on what we are doing out here and specifically factors effecting green speed, once we get the golf course open and you start rolling putts.

Let’s hope Wiarton Willy is wrong and we get an early spring. We will be ready and so will the greens!!

Marc Brooks

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