Golf offers Positive Mentoring Environment

Golf Offers a Positive Mentoring Environment for Kids and So Much More!

The golf course is a safe place and promotes mentoring relationships for youngsters.From when I was 13, every summer my parents dropped me off at the golf club at eight in the morning and then picked me up in the evening. Occasionally, I caught a ride about 9 or 10 at night with a member going my way. My parents never had to worry where I was or who I was with.

Golf is the world’s best baby-sitter.

As well as being friendly with a small group of junior members, I had mentor-like relationships with many people two, three or four decades older than myself; Jim Gillick, Mike Machan, Garry Spence, Derrick Jones, Dan Campbell, “Four-Putt” Freddy and many others. They were lawyers, insurance agents, salesmen, small business owners and entrepreneurs; in other words, an amazing slice of real life. While the language on course was often a bit raw for my young ears, the counsel from these ordinary folks was sound.

Unlike many other popular sports like baseball, soccer and football (not hockey, I love it as well ) , the chances of injury, especially serious injury, are negligible. Golf is a non-contact sport so you won’t see many players with a cast or hobbling on crutches. If you do, the chances are they picked up the injury doing something other than golf.

Golf taught me almost everything. It took me to some of the most beautiful places in the world. It gave me friendships that started back when I was a teenager…and they still exist to this day! An extremely strong network of very diverse people “in my back pocket”.

Golf gave me the opportunity to even make a lifelong career out of it. So much that it doesn’t even feel like a job. It is a real passion that I feel very fortunate to have. Not that everyone that plays golf as a kid will end up being like me, but they will meet their next boss, business partner or potential client one day. Guaranteed.

Golf teaches you more than the game. It teaches you about yourself. But most importantly, it teaches you about life!

If you have children and want to get them into “the game of a lifetime”, contact me. I’d be happy to help and share my story even more.

~ Michael Todd, PGA of Canada

For more on our Junior Golf offerings here at Legacy Ridge Golf Club click on the link


(Michael, left, age 15)

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